mercredi 9 février 2011

Forver addicted...

Watched "Gainsbourg: une vie heroique" the other day and I missed so much to hold a fag in my hand...

mercredi 2 février 2011


Hidy hoo folks,
Here one of my latest commercial work I'm quite happy with.
It's been directed by the english duo Smith an Foulkes and for my part it was particles madness. I mainly worked on the cloud shot and the "tunnel of doom" (for the most geeky of you it involved a mix of particle flow, FFX and all rendered on Krakatoa). It was a good experience and learned a lot about atmospheric rendering (and got a few grey hairs on the way).
Here's the link

jeudi 27 janvier 2011

mardi 25 janvier 2011

Hang on it

The result of a monday night out with my sister.


Hi folks, loooong time I didn't post anything. So it's time to do something about it. New year, new resolutions bla bla bla, so mine will be to draw more, go back a bit into 2d animation and post here more often than once a year. Also some commercial I've been working on lately should be out quite soon so I'll put that here as soon as it is available.
See you soon

mardi 11 août 2009

showreel 2009

Hi everyone,
So no I'm not dead, I was just working all the time and now I finally had some time to chillax a bit then freak out about the crises and put up a new reel.
For you ladies and gentlemen, the Moose's reel 2009 edition.

Showreel 2009 || Michal Firkowski from Mickey Moose on Vimeo.

PS: like for last year, there will probably be soon a redux version of the reel because there are some stuffs I can't show you right now.

samedi 21 mars 2009

Prehistoric Mices

Well no, I'm not dead yet. I've been kind of busy with work lately but some new shit should be coming up soon.
Meanwhile here are some links to artist that kept my attention these last days.

The first one is Bonom, a Brussels street artist with his armada of dinosaurs and fossils invading Brussels and Paris. He's got a really great aproach of puting things into context and surfs pretty much on the wave of the intelligent/artistic street art like Banksy or Blu do.

Bonom Flickr

The other one is the new little genius of animation, the one that makes you jaleous an push you forward, ladys and genltemen, I give you David O'Reilly.
His short/serie PSS (Please Say Something) is reinventing the classic cartoon duo of the mouse and the cat with a whole new dimension of narrative and graphical approache. After being broadcasted on festivals, the full piece is finally available on his website.
Defenitly have to keep an eye on this guy

Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

samedi 22 novembre 2008

Summer and London sketches

Long time hadn't update but generally it means the Moose is busy (but not dead yet)
Since the last time many has changed, I've moved to London, got in a studio there and try to get some time to enjoy this city.
Here are some sketches made lately

Pardon pour le manque d'updates mais généralement ca veut dire que le Moose est occupé.
Pas mal de choses ont changé ces derniers mois; j'ai déménagé à Londres et trouvé du taff et pendant mes instants de liberté j'essaie de profiter de cette ville de dinges (essentiellement dans des pubs).
Voilà quelques croquis dait dernièrement.

lundi 29 septembre 2008